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bookskeep: The Small Business Support System

Bookskeep started as a simple desire to meet the education needs of my daughter. By operating a virtual admin business I was able to obtain extra income to provide her private tutoring, utilize my business savvy mind, and be a taxi driver.

By 2011, my small business was helping to support our household. Due to company reorganization, my husband found himself on a job hunt. During this time I felt the uncertainty of our personal financial future, but was determined to provide for my child’s future. I know that every small business has something that drives them. My family was the motivating factor in driving my business to success. I know how instability feels, and the stress of managing towards a positive financial future. I knew it was possible. Bookskeep started as a means to an end, but now it is so much more. Now, ultimately my business is here to support other entrepreneurs.  

Currently 60% of US jobs are held in small businesses, but the downside is that 20% of small business fail in the first year. Even if they make it through the first year, half of small buisnesses fail in the first five years. But the silver lining is that survival chances increase by almost 90% when these small business are working with an accounting professional. Too many small business are living payroll to payroll with no check for themselves. They are the entrepreneurial poor. We get it and we have set out to turn this around. It is simple, we want to guide entrepreneurs to financial freedom because we fully believe you all deserve it. Let us help you. 

Here at bookskeep, we are here to support you. We are on your side and cannot wait to see you excel at all that you do in the future.


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